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1 Recycled plastic
1.1 From what kind of material are the bags made?

Our NewHabits bags are made of 100% recycled pet plastic. Pet plastic is the plastic used for fe water bottles. The pouch and the cordlock are both as well made of recycled plastic.

1.2 Are the bags recycable?

While our bags can be reused for a very long time and are very strong we understand that maybe one day you have to say goodbye to one of your bags. You can drop them in your plastic recycling bin. A side note though, the recycling of plastic isn't working the same way in every city/country. Most of the time PET plastic can be easily recycled.

2 All about our bags
2.1 How much do they weigh?

Each bag weighs 12 gram. 12 gram is very light compared to paper or cotton bags and will hardly make a difference on the scale. Of course if you want to buy a few loose pistachio nuts it will effect the price ;)

2.2 How many bags are in one box?

Every box contains 8 bags and a pouch with a clip.

2.3 Do I really need 8 bags?

Many people ask this question at the beginning.

We think you will need 8 bags! First you might give a few to your partner of a friend but soon you want to keep them all for yourself! As soon as you start using them you wil find more and more products in the supermarket that can be bought loose (naked ;) ). 

Next to that it's great to keep the produce in the bags to keep it fresh and free from fruit flies!


So yes, you most likely will need them all!

2.4 How much kg can they hold?

One NewHabits bag can hold up to 2 kg. Enough apples for a nice apple cake!

Be carefull not to overload, it can harm the quality of the stitches.

And if you go for potatoes for a few weeks, just use a few bags!